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The beauty and practicality of real, solid, wood floors cannot be overrated. Finished pine floors will not wear out. Like hardwood floors, it is only the finish that wears.

As long as the finish is maintained on the wood, a wood floor can last for centuries, even with hard daily use. Our 300 year old home has original floors that attest to this fact.

Over the years, our customers have expressed again and again, this same satisfaction with the timeless beauty of wide pine flooring. Our milling operation produces superior quality edges that leave no gap between boards when installed properly. Eastern white pine flooring boards are available in widths from 6" to 28". Other pine species used for flooring include Southern Yellow Pine in a clear grade, and Northern Hard Pine (Norway & Red Pine) in a knotty grade, both usually available in 6" to 12" widths.

Available lengths are 8' to 16' for widths under 18". Wider boards are usually no longer than 12', but we sometimes have lengths to 16'. When the square feet requirement is calculated, add 15% to allow for the width lost in milling the edges, and for trimming the lengths back to the nearest joist. For ease in installing the floor, we recommend planing two sides, jointing one edge perfectly straight, and trimming the width to insure that edges are parallel and that the same width boards are consistent board to board. The finished edges can be ship-lap, tongue & groove, or squared. For some restoration or remodeling projects, a thicker board is required. Our 14" and wider stock is available in 7/8" or 15/16" finished thickness, if specified.


Craftsman Lumber has wide boards of Eastern white pine (pinus strobus), the same species used in the early colonies. The boards are personally selected and graded by our founder, Charles E. Thibeau, our owner & general manager, and his son, Mark, our company president.

Usual widths are from 6" to 22", (often available to 28"), and can be ordered anywhere inbetween. Most of our customers request random widths from 12" to 18", planed to 3/4" thick, and in a knotty grade, classed as a #3 common and better, (NELMA Premium grade), with hard red knots. Stock is also available in 7/8" & 15/16" thicknesses.

The wood is kiln dried in our own kilns to an 8% (+/-2%) moisture content, and machined in-house to our customers specifications.

We also offer an intermediate grade, classed as a #2 common and better, (NELMA Finish grade), with fewer and smaller knots. For the highest quality, we have wide pine boards in a clear pine, (NELMA D Select). These boards are ideal for the better pine furniture or finest flooring and paneling. (See our NELMA grading photos to compare knot density.)


For those who love the look and dent resistance of oak, Craftsman Lumber also offers wide oak flooring in 5" to 10" widths. These clear red oak boards are planed to 3/4" thickness and tongue & grooved. Wider oak boards from 12" to 18" are also available at a premium. Oak flooring should be installed with long screws penetrating the joists. Drilled holes with counterbore will prevent cracks in the oak and provide for wood plugs to hide the screws. A 15% allowance is added to the square foot area, as with pine flooring.

Other wide hardwood flooring that we can make up for you include: white oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and teak. Similar parameters apply as above.


To reproduce the traditional beauty and informal charm of paneled rooms, the same pine flooring boards can be used for the walls. When ordering for vertical use, lengths should be specified. Any width is appropriate.

One or both faces can be planed and the edges milled to your specifications. Options include ship-lap, tongue & groove, featheredging, beading and other traditional profiles.

Classic raised panel walls can be made up from an accurate sketch or blueprint, in large easily fitted sections to be mounted onto pre-nailed strapping.

We also make to order the old style "railroad siding" also called, "Victorian wainscoting", or "porch ceiling", with beaded edge and center bead as a dual wainscoting with vee edge and center vee groove on the opposite side. This style was widely used from about 1850 to 1930. It can be made in various woods such as clear pine, fir, and oak. Usually 5/8" thick and 3 1/4" wide, with tongue & groove.

We welcome the opportunity to quote on any other specialized paneling requirements that you may have.


We offer the highest quality authentic quartersawn spruce or pine clapboards. These vertical grain clapboards, if properly installed, will last over 100 years. Quartersawing eliminates the cupping and warping problems which resawn boards are subject to. Widths are; 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", and 6". Strapped in bundles from 2' to 6'. Most bundles are in 4' to 6' lengths and can be ordered in three grades from #1 X Clear to the Cottage grade (which allows several small knots or blemishes). These clapboards accept paint and stain better than cedar clapboards. Cedar reacts chemically to paints and stains, especially water based, which reduces adhesion. This causes cedar clapboards to require more frequent re-painting.


With our bandsaw mill, Craftsman Lumber can produce extra-long boards, and also pine and oak beams in most any width & thickness, and in lengths up to 24 feet. These are not a stock item and usually require considerable lead-time. Extra long boards are dried properly which adds to the lead time. Beams are often cut, shipped and installed green. Checking is to be expected in beams, as you can see in viewing any old house.



Recommended for face-nailing pine flooring. Nail flush, then set slightly below surface about 1/16".

Clinch Rosehead

Recommended for face-nailing paneling and wainscoting. Sometimes used for face-nailing flooring.

Wrought Head

Recommended for paneling and wainscoting for a more informal or rustic look. Also can be used for face-nailing floors, but can be more of a dirt catcher.


Velvit Oil Wood Finish is a top quality penatrating oil and resin finish that will stain, seal, fill and finish in one step. This finish will not peel, crack or wrinkle, and will resist alcohol, hot liquids, common stains and many harsh chemicals. It is easy to use, and has a coverage of over 400 square feet per gallon.

Use Velvit Oil with confidence on cabinets, paneling, floors, wood work, gun stocks or any bare wood surface when wood is unfinished or for refinishing.

Velvit Oil is a product of:

Velvit Products Company
P.O Box 1741
Appleton, WI 54913


At this same location, we founded our other company, The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company, Inc., over 20 years ago. Extensively used for restoration and reproduction, this ancient form of paint is also widely used by environmentally sensitive people. A water based paint, it contains no petroleum products. For more information visit our Milk Paint Web Site by following the link above!


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